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Sorry about the edit. After more consideration, at some point, I may express my concerns in private with the appropriate powers that be here.
Edited by Cerise - 5/12/16 at 3:33am
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I've never seen that site. Must check it out. Parody sites are a blend of humorous and pathetic. Like getting roasted. I've seen them in other areas. Sometimes they can even be creepy and scary.
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But as of this moment the site appears to be dead. Time out errors and a message saying they are offline. Perhaps the are running as hiding!

Well, that was a temporary phenomenon. It's there now, just minutes later.
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Now that I've poked around that site just a bit, it looks reasonable to me. I didn't see any threads bashing this site. It would not surprise me if some members post the same at different sites. That happens all the time. If nothing else, thanks for bringing that site to my/our attention.
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Edited by Cerise - 5/11/16 at 9:56pm
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Well, buddy, I'll leave that to "et al". I looked around for the last half hour. Interesting discussions but too slow for me... And too many ads in very obtrusive places. Didn't see any parody or criticism of any other site. We must be reading different threads.
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