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Ultratex 3 and Modified Starch

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Anybody use the stuff? 


I want to make a condiment "sauce" in a squeeze bottle with sour cream and fresh cucumber. 


I blitzed the cuke without removing the seed/watery interior. I also zapped the sour cream, so I added a bit of mayo but it's still very, very watery. I also wanted to add a dash of salt but was afraid it would draw out more moisture from the veg. 


I'm looking for something more "natural" instead of processed tapioca, which is what Ultratex 3 is, yes? How would I use corn starch? Should I try arrowroot? How much? So far it's one med cucumber and about three tablespoons of sour cream. One table spoon mayo. 


Any thoughts/ ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

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You might try putting it in cheese cloth or muslin and letting it drain off as you would for cheese.

Or use a small coffee filter.  Adding more peeled, seeded cucumber might tighten it up a bit. 

Agar agar might work too.

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Why would you be willing to use corn starch but not tapioca starch? 


Anyways, Ultratex is pretty cool. It has the advantage of thickening without needing heat, so you don't have to gelatin-ize the starch granules. It also has very little to no impact on flavor. It is similar in effect to xantham gum but without the taste or the gummy/slimy possibility, especially when you use a bit. All you really have to do is shear it...


Sometimes if you blend it the resulting liquid can be a little opaque due to air getting blended in--if you have a chamber vacuum sealer you can suck the air out and make the color brighter again. 


I quite like it...sometimes I use it to thicken or give body to a sauce or reduction that is there flavor wise but still a touch too thin. Other times I use it to thicken a liquid when I want to retain freshness of flavor so I don't have to cook in a starch, like if I'm doing a vanilla-orange gel or something like that. 

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Very informative. Thanks, Someday. But you're right. Very similar products, but I have corn starch in my pantry. They are both processed. I like the fact that you don't need heat with the Ultratex. I also thought of yogurt tzatziki sauce but I didn't want garlic nor lemon. Or yogurt. 

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I would strain it, or just start over and peel and seed the cucumber then let it drain some before making the sauce.  It's easier to add liquid back, but you know that.

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Yeah. I'll try to salt the seeded cuke and drain. Then fold in the sour cream with the blitzed cucumber.


@chefwriter Thanks. Agar agar seems like it would make it more gelatinous. Don't know, since I've never used it. Cheesecloth with sour cream seems like a mess. At least the sour cream I get at my market, anyway. I'm looking for something efficent and easy, to reproduce quicky. 


For those interested, I'll post again with round two

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Agar agar might work, you'd just have to heat some or all of the base to get it to bloom. You could then chill, cut the gel into pieces and blend in a blender. This is the major technique (basically) for a fluid gel and I've done it with yogurt and such before. You could also try making a cucumber fluid gel and maybe blend that with some sour cream? 


I dunno, you said "easy," so I don't think that qualifies. 

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