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What Happened????

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Hi everyone!

I am new to the Forum and have a question.   Mu mother is a fantastic cook and she has never had this to happen to her before. 


She was making Chicken and Dumplings.  She had her hot chicken broth, and it looked a little thin, so she added some margarine

to it.  She had her pot on the lit burner and started rolling her dumplings out.  The pot still had not come to a rolling boil, but mom went ahead and started putting her Dumplings into the hot broth.  When she did, the liquid in the pot, just mushroomed and foam started going everywhere!   


She has made Chicken and Dumplings like this countless times and NEVER had anything like this to happen. Would anyone have an explanation.   The only thing I could come up with was:  I asked her was her broth cold when she put the butter in, thinking it could have solidified on top.  The broth was hot.   


I would appreciate any help!!!

Thank you!!!

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I don't think margarine would be the best choice to thicken. Has she done that before?

Regarding the foaming... Was their an oil slick on top of the stew or was the margarine incorporated?
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She did not use the margarine to thicken, but yes she has done this before. The margarine was incorporated ....
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Sounds like the margarine formed a cap over the hot liquid. When she broke that fat cup it released the liquid underneath to boil out.

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I'm not sure. I said the same thing and she says the butter was incorporated. She said it didn't just boil over, it foamed...
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To me it sounds like it was self rising flour. You haven't lived until you've mistakingly tried to make a roux to thicken a gravy with SR flour. Foams out of the pot, never stirred so fast in my life!
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I will mom to see if she mistakenly used self rising flour in her dumplings instead of plain. Thank you!
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Laurenlulu.... That's it! She did have some self rising flour mixed in with her dumplings. Though she normally makes them 2/3 plain and 1/3 self rising. But apparently some how this time the flour hit the hot liquid and wow!!!
Thank you!
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Happy to help!
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     I can't help but wonder how to put this knowledge to good use. If you wanted something to foam over,

self rising flour would seem a good way to do it. Could be useful for a science fair project like an erupting volcano but it might also make an interesting presentation technique for the right dish. 

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The knowledge was of great use to me, I was covering a building (literally walk in cooking blind not knowing even what their stock looks like), it never occurred to me that someone would have self rising in the flour bin and no AP. After that eruption I asked at EVERY building what kind of flour is in the bin LOL
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