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Cheese questions

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1. Will Brie/Camembert continue to "ripen" if refrigerated?
2. Should a wedge of Parmesan Reggiano be left whole or grated and allowed to dry slightly before, in either case, being refrigerated?
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1. Yes.
2. Left whole and don't dry.
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To elaborate a little bit on FF's post.  Brie/Camembert will continue to ripen in the fridge, just a slower pace than at cellar or room temperatures.  it will continue to ripen though and eventually over ripen so don't hold on to it too long.


Always try to leave cheeses as whole as possible only cutting or grating for that meals needs. First of all, I think they taste better, but also there is less of chance of spoilage or drying out, which is not a good thing.


While cheeses, at home, are best stored in the fridge, don't forget to pull them out an hour or 2 before serving so that they can come up to room temp.  They taste much better that way.

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