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Art for restaurants.

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I didn't see a lot of forums on this topic, so I figured I'd start it myself. To all the restaurant owners out there, what are your feelings of having art in your restaurant. Do you like art that is eclectic in content, food based content, art that is representative of the local region? Do you prefer original works from local artists or mass produced pieces from the store? How do you go about decorating your restaurants? Also I'm an artist, if any of you want some of my pieces i'd be willing to give them to you at no charge except that they get displayed.

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We just hanged a whole lot of artwork around the mediterranean restaurant that I co-manage. It was mostly landscape artwork of DC landmarks and made a big difference to improve customer satisfaction. Took a look around your website and I like your style! We are currently not looking for more artwork but I will keep your offer in mind if we do. I am sure that you will get plenty of feedback from other restaurants though, my friend! Good luck :)

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