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This thread is somewhat philosophical.


Beverages have always made little sense to me. The taste, caffeine kick or alcohol high, sweetness (indulgence) and other properties are very, very diluted in a beverage. After all, Beer, coffee and other beverages are usually at least 90% water. I see little reason to take the coffee, sugar and whatnot and dilute it with water, making a beverage. It makes sense to me to drink the water on a seperate occasion for hydration and then have the coffee and sugar with less dilution such as in a solid food item, in which the other ingredients are of similar nature and consistency. For example, coffee and sugar are good in a cake.


I have little idea of how have alcohol without the water. I like alcohol only very little. A strong spirit makes some sense to me while a very diluted beverage like a beer makes little.

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I could see a case where you'd have such small amounts of chemical of interest, if totally removed from water, that it'd be silly to look at/ingest.
Or conversely, being oriented to having a good serving size of said thing (which is usually with water), that 'overdosing' would be much easier. Not to mention that's what our taste buds are more inclined to register (thing + water).

As somewhat of an aside...I prefer to eat watermelon as is, regarding the ratio of sugar to water, which works out to be in a similar range to the sugar to water ratio in sodas.
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Oh indeed, most foods are mainly water by weight. Even beef is 75% water.


My taste buds don't register taste from a beverage as well as taste from a solid food item. Though taste from a sugary beverage would come across better than just eating the sugar.



On another note entirely. When you make water into basically any beverage, you tamper with and usually ruin the water's ability to hydrate your body. Most people probably don't want to drink 6L of fluid per day, so if you've drank 3L of beverages per day, you would have taken all your fluid per day and gotten very, very little hydration.


So I believe that combining the food you want, if it's something to use in a very small quantity for instance, with another, plain food item is always more worthwhile than combining it with a fluid, drink item. The taste would be better and it is more friendly, less burdening to your body.

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