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Hello from Emerald City

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Grew up cooking from about 10.  Dad did most of the daily meals; mom the special occasions.  Middle sister taught me to bake (starting with cookies, of course).  Love all kinds of food (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Persian, BBQ, etc. etc. etc.) to eat and to make.  First kitchen remodel, installed a Viking range myself (ok, two friends helped carry the thing).  Second kitchen remodel installed a Thermador Induction cooktop == Heaven!  (Soooo much faster & sooo much cooler in the kitchen.)


Recent health issues have impacted cooking significantly.  Am now looking for heart-healthy/low sugar recipes and approaches to cooking.  It's been frustrating (can't eat that, this or that anymore, so what DO I eat?).  I cooked healthily before, just have to do it even more.  Hoping for good advice/tips from this forum.

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More details on your particular situation would help. What specifically can't you eat. 

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I've always eaten a lot of fruits and vegetables, but now I need to add whole grains, low-glycemic index foods, etc.  Stay way from bread (boo), saturated fat (what? no butter?) and potatoes (why go on w/life?).  What do I do when I want to have a sandwich or a burger?  I only at french fries & the like once or twice a month, but this apparently is too much for my bad-luck heart genes.  It's difficult figuring out substitutes.  Tofu only gets you so far...

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      I will suggest you do more research on what the restrictions are referring to. Bread to begin with. There are plenty of whole grains and flours out there that can be used to make your own bread. I am fortunate to live near a food cooperative that offers many of them and they can get the ones they don't have on hand. A New Bread Basket by Amy Halloran is a great book to begin understanding the regional millers and grain growers going in to business all across the country. So white bread is out but you are not without choices. You just have to do a bit of research. 

   Personally, I don't understand the potato prohibition. A potato is a healthy vegetable, not a pure starch in the same class as all purpose flour. Most of the negatives with potatoes comes from being fried or what is served with them. You could use olive oil on your potato instead of sour cream. 

Travel to some ethnic markets. They offer many products not found in a typical American supermarket that may fit in to your lifestyle. 

In brief, begin by searching out foods you may not be familiar with. And of course, making more of your own foods at home is best. 

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