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garlic butter chicken and macaroni cheese prep

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Finally the restaurant is ready and we open on thursday - very very nervous about it as it is a lot bigger than our previous restaurant.  I have a panic question - in my head i was going to pre make the garlic butter chicken bring it to cold room temperature and store it-  reheating portions to order.  Is this silly?  I always find curries taste much better the next day - I would only store it for three days once it has been cooked. Only reheat it once - thinking i can take say six portions through in to the kitchen fridge ready for service if that makes sense.  But as the day is looming i am questioning everything and wonder if anyone has any suggestions on it please?


It is the same with macaroni cheese - i thought i would make the sauce and then just cook the macaroni to order and cover in the sauce after - the cheese sauce is white wine based.  


I would really appreciate any ideas as the more I get nervous the more i question everything!


Thank you 

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It's what I would do.  One question though about your chicken; you say bring it to cold room temperature.  I don't understand this term.  Room temperature should be around 65-70°F.  Your chicken should be cooled to 40°F or lower and stored at that temp.

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Thank you Pete - yes sorry my wording was rubbish I did mean cool it to 40f.  Bag of stress with a malfunctioning brain :)

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About the Mac and cheese.
Prep as you planned then portion out in individual crocks.
When you need to fire then sprinkle with buttery crumbs mixed with some cheese and go from there.
Oven to warm thru then under the salamander for that gorgeous brown color.


Missed the cook macaroni to order.
Go a head and prep to just almost al dente and be generous with the sauce when putting together the crocks.
Sorry for the ad on.
Pre opening jitters are the worst.
Try to get as much rest as you can....
Break a leg ;-)

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Sorry, I missed the macaroni "cooked to order" part.  Too many cocktails last night!!!! I would pre-cook the macaroni and portion.  Heat the pasta with the sauce.  Won't take much time at all.

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@Mathilda how did your opening go?
No news is good news ( meaning you are way too busy to post) but if you get a second to catch your breath drop us a couple lines?

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Hi Mimi

Sorry not posted for a while but its been manic trying to get all the prep done before opening and then we opened just before Bastille day so its been a manic couple of weeks.

Going well - thank you.  Shattered tho but happy finally open and menu is working.  Our son has uploaded it on our facebook page if you fancy having a little look.

Thank you for your help x

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Congratulations on your successful opening.
Wish you continued success.
Glad if my little tip made things go smoother.


Also want to extend my heartfelt sorrow for what must have been a terrifying end to such a special day for France.
I cannot speak for anyone else but I stand in solidarity while your adopted country receives what seems to be more than your share of recent tragedy .
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