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Hello from Hornby Island, BC Canada

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Hi everybody!
I've been lurking these forums for quite a while and finally decided I should join and get involved in the great discussions happening here. I've learned a lot on this site. Thank you to all the fine contributors.

I live on Hornby Island, which is a small island between BC and Vancouver Island. It's a tourist haven, so my work is very seasonal. Through the year I bartend at one pub in the winter, cook at another resort from Spring through the fall and work at a vineyard and winery through the year. It's been really interesting to have such a variety of jobs all within the hospitality industry in such a small place. Keeps things fresh and gives me a greater opportunity to see different sides of the service industry. I also work as an event manager and sound technician, putting on outdoor concerts in our vineyard and working for other local festivals.

I hope I can get involved in the conversations here and be able to provide some insight. I certainly appreciate all I've gained by just reading!
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Hi Lobes, welcome to Cheftalk!

I've only been to Hornby once & stayed at a friend''s cabin for a few days. No water, electricity or indoor facilities! But it was near the beach and we loved it there. I had no idea there was a vineyard on Hornby, a good reason to check the place out this summer!


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Cheers, Summer!
We actually have 2 grape wineries, a fruit winery, a meadery and a distillery on the island now! You can go on quite the little booze cruise by tasting at all of them! If it's been a while since you've visited, the food and beverage scene is pretty great these days. I'm at seabreeze lodge and Carbrea vineyard, both of which are amazing and there's lots of other great spots as well.
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Meadery!  Wine tastings! Sounds good!!  I'm sure the food is great these days - so much local fish & produce these days.  My friend used to stay at the Seabreeze, it's very nice indeed! Might be a nice trip later this summer. I'm right near the Tsa. ferry terminal which cuts down a bit of the travel time.

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