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Meat off cuts

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My question is,what do you guys meat trimmings for I cut 3-5 half sirloins a day usually the trimming get roasted and added to the beef stock, on occasion we have trimmed them up and used them for burgers, I also have no use for my lamb rump trimming when I square them up a bit? Any advice would be great smile.gif
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If you have a meat grinder, try saving your trim in the freezer until you have enough to grind a bunch for sausages. I've made some nice ones with pork, beef scraps and even some lamb in there.
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Bolognese sauce

Burgers (as mentioned) 

Tartare (make sure you clean the meat real well, no connective tissue)


Stew/braises (watch you don't overcook or dry out)

Soup--things like Pho, etc



Beef stroganoff

Shaved beef for sandwiches (depending on size of cuts/trim)

Larb/lettuce wraps

Stir fry


Sheppard's/Cottage pie


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