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smoking brisket

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I have a 15lbs brisket and my smoker isn't big enough for it whole. If I cut it in two which side should be on the top rack? I want to say fatter side on top but the slimmer side will be closer to the heat. Will enough fat drip onto the slimmer side to prevent it from drying out?
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I do what you say: subdivide into flat and point cuts, point on upper rack and flat on lower rack. Both will be yummy. Moistness will be different, naturally, due to their different physiology.
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You might want to inject the flat with brine or even sodium phosphate to keep some moisture.  Point you can chop and put it back on for burnt ends. 


More importantly what kind of smoker are you talking about here?  If it's a vertical, yeah i tmight be cloesr to the heat, but you should have some heat diffuser right?  Actually the heat rises so the higher grate should be hotter.

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It is a vertical but when I do pork shoulder the bottom rack always finishes a bit faster. Now I'm not worried about the pork, it's a fatty and thick enough cut that I have no problems, but I just don't want to overdo the brisket. And seeing as how I'm putting it in when we close and just letting it smoke overnight my paranoia is starting to kick in. It's also the first time I've smoked a brisket.
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Purge that paranoia! You'll be fine. No need to do anything except salt, pepper, smoke, and time.
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My last brisket took about 14 hrs in a vertical smoker. Had to split it at the point, the flat was done about two hrs ahead.


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Thank you all for the advice. Putting it in the smoker tonight and tomorrow I'll be running a brisket special. I'll let yall know how it turns out.
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Good luck and make sure you post some pictures in the monthly challenge :)

Life is too short to drink bad wine


Life is too short to drink bad wine

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Like @chefbuba hinted at.... no law says both have to smoke the same amt of time.
Pull when done and wrap tight in foil for resting.
Slicing to order of course?


Everyone here knows I love me some blackboard specials and IMO the sides should be as exciting as the protein .
Snap a pix of the first plate going out.
Preserve for eternity your first brisket.

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Originally Posted by chefbuba View Post

My last brisket took about 14 hrs in a vertical smoker. Had to split it at the point, the flat was done about two hrs ahead.


We could just call this Bubas law. If you could get a bark like this and still have juicy tender meat your doing it right. People always want to make things their own, you know, tweak it a bit. When you have a person that does it like this follow his lead. 

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Was a long night and didn't have a chance for picture. Didn't sell out but had no complaints and every dish came back clean. Again, thank you to everyone for the advice. Kitchen love!
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Yippee! So how did you serve it? Sauce? Doing it again?

I use that overnight technique a lot, for both brisket and pork shoulder/butt. Sometimes even in the oven @250 when completely lazy. Not really smoking at that point but a lot of folks like pulled pork sans smoke it seems.
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