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TurboChef Fire

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Has anyone ever used the Turbo Chef Fire pizza oven? What is your opinion of it?  Is there a better countertop pizza oven out there?

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saw one of these recently


it requires three phase power and draws 25 amps


only makes 9" pizzas


electrical elements top and bottom.


looks expensive to run.

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I just bought one, we havent tried it out with a real pizza, but seems to melt cheese on a piece of bread REALLY fast. 

It can do up to 14" pizzas actually. 

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Oh and to add, we are fully expecting to have to burn a bunch of pizza to dial in the time/temps for our pizza recipe. 

As far as we can tell this thing is really gonna be great for us. Well made piece of equipment. 

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Let us know how it works long term, Dave.

The one I used started to malfunction after about a year. First the temperatures would fluctuate randomly and then it started dropping. The bottom of the pizza wouldn't finish until the top was overdone. They wanted a lot (!) of money to repair it but luckily a local electrician was able to fix it for very cheap. It's been working normally since.

It could be a rare occurrence but I'm curious what other people experience.
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We have a Turbochef Sora oven in our kitchen it makes flatbread pizza perfect every time now that we have found the best setup for it.
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