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Amusement for Cooks

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So heres what im asking. Every summer like all places its balls to the wall non stop food service from 11 to 1 the next day. I have a small group of kitchen staff maybe totaling 20 that i want to after the summer season say september, close the restaurant and take them out somewhere to do something they would all enjoy. Obviously dinner and drinks are the go to choice and we will do but looking for ideas on something fun that would encompass group participation. Any ideas? For location setting we are located in VA Beach VA.

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A bbq/picnic/clambake on the beach comes to mind first. Bring a volleyball net and have a sand castle building competition. 

Or pay for all access passes to a local amusement park and have a company picnic nearby. 

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Sitting on the beach, grilling up some food and drinking cocktails is always a good choice.  Another good one for some fun, and blowing off some steam is paint ball, followed by food and said cocktails.

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Oh i love the idea of paintball, followed by some drinks. 


I think any activity that is done, should be followed by some drinks.... because cooks need to wine down too, and a lot of them like to drink after work, at least the people i work with do. 


As for some activities aside from paintball, i think bowling would be great. It´s been a while since i bowled but its defintely i nice group activity. 

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.



Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.


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What about a dinner and drinks cruise with music and dancing...and then beach bonfire with more food and fun and great conversation

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Not sure where you are at, but another outing we did once was to Dave & Buster's.  All the staff got unlimited play cards and a number of tokens for drinks.  On top of that, all the management team were stationed at certain games.  If you played against them and beat them then there were prizes awarded and a bigger prize for those that beat all the managers.  We did this after a great dinner at another place.


Other fun outings are baseball games.  It doesn't have to be major league (although those are always great) and they don't have to be the best seats in the house.  In fact, when it comes to group building, sometimes going to see the smaller minor league or college summer leagues play can be more fun, and a whole lot cheaper.

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