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Need ideas to spice up my veg terrine

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In the spirit of St-Patty's, I found a recipe for a 3 layer vegetable terrine. Problem is, it's boring. I like the theme because it corresponds exactly with the Irish flag so I don't want to give up the recipe completely.

As you probably guessed, it has a first layer of carrot pureed with egg and flavoured with onion and nutmeg, a second layer of cauliflower flavoured with parmesan and a third of spinach with onion and garlic. Reminds me of one of those old recipes my great aunt would serve (yuk!).

How can I keep the colour theme and make this a really great/interesting/flavorful dish? Thanks for all your ideas!
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HMMM herbs!!
how about red bell pepper, asparagus and white...hmmmm white beans
dress with a vinigrette loads of garlic, and zest in the mix.

Or do grilled veg terrine using larger pieces instead of puree.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Never made one before... Do you have a good recipe? How does it all stick together when you slice it?

Alternatively, what herbs would you use?

Any advice for plating?
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How about taking the original recipe and bumping up the flavor with some cheese like Roquefort or Maytag bleu? You may also want to change the carrots to red bell peppers and/or dried or cured tomatoes. Why not use potatoes and/or leeks for the white layer? Maybe some toasted and finely chopped almonds or pecans?

Liquored up and laquered down,
She's got the biggest hair in town!


Liquored up and laquered down,
She's got the biggest hair in town!

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I like..!
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I'm not sure I want to emphasize the cheese too much. As good as it sounds, I'm serving a final course of Irish cheeses, so for balance, I think I'll keep the terrine lighter. I like the idea though..
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Thanks Larry but as this is a school project, I have to follow their guidelines which state that everything needs to be made the morning of the luncheon. It sounds good though. We do a napoleon at my restaurant which uses the same concept as your recipe. The only problem is that tomatoes are not very good right now... Tough skin, no flavour. Even the greenhouse tomatoes are blah.
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Kick up the carrot puree with crystalized ginger and butter (or Earth Balance), add tarragon and nutmeg to the spinach, add white pepper to the cauliflower.
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Markdchef took the words right out of my mouth!

Could serve with oven roasted potato chips--
Sweet Dreams!!
Sweet Dreams!!
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you could use
Sweet potato
that should do it for you
Love to Cook
Love to Cook
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Serve it with a side of Whiskey. :)
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Kuan, that's the best advice I've heard yet!!!!! :D

I like the idea of using the crystalized ginger in the carrot, though I would go a step futher and also add curry to the carrot.

For the cauliflower part, I might replace the parm with white cheddar and add some nutmeg.

Personally, I would probably then leave the spinach just as the recipe states, flavored with garlic and onion. Start adding too many flavors and you run the risk of the dish becoming too overburdened and you end up muddling up all the flavors. Maybe just add some bacon or bacon fat to the spinach if you don't mind not keeping it totaly vegetarian.
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OMG... This thread is soooo old.... I was still in school when I started it!

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if you need to spice go to go to Emeril Lagasse his have good recipe for like your dish with out changing color i want to bake a spicey cake and he had a good recipe for and it was good

look luck
piglet :bounce:
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Yep beware what you post. It might come back to haunt you later! :D

This was a good one though.
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I would suggest whatever you use roast it first to really bring out the flavors...Carrotts, bell peppers, tomatoes with thyme and olive oil, eggplants all have stronger flavoors roasted... Bon appetit!!!!
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Sorry I just saw your response above.. Is there no way to show dates on these threads?
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The posting date is on the top left corner of the response.
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See it ...Thanks!
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OK, I want. Please
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