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First Kitchen Management Position, need help!

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So, here's my story so far..

I just got hired (about a week ago) as the kitchen manager in a sports bar, the GM wanted some young blood to come and reconfigure the menu, still sticking with typical bar fare but kicking up the quality and construction. I feel I've got a good handle on creating good dishes and have had really good feedback from the changes made thus far.

But here's the problem, I have no experience or training as a kitchen manager!
Even worse, I have no inventory sheets to go off of, no pars to know how much product we need in house, and very little information to see how much is going in and out.
The previous kitchen manager had almost no system in place and just went off experience (he worked in that kitchen for 10+ years)

Another problem!
I have no experience doing month end reports to keep track of food costs. I am fully capable of learning all of this but, I have no one to learn it from, and don't even know where to start on my own.

Any advice or tips you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!
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This is a link for this text book, Dopson, Lea R. and Hayes, David K. :  Food and  Beverage Cost Control, 5th Edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  ISBN: 9780470251386


There is a newer edition but you will be fine with this edition.  It is less than $12 including shipping.  If you want used they have cheaper copies.  This is where class time helps.  You may find a class at a local community college.  


Work with your GM and ask for help until you get your feet on the ground.  Ask the GM to see reports and files for the last six months.  Sit down with the existing menu  and look at invoices and POS reports.


Don't panic it will be OK!  The GM hired your for a reason, they think you can do the job.  Plan on spending a lot of homework time.


Check the internet for spreadsheets to help with reports.  Search this website and you will find a wealth of information.


Welcome to Cheftalk and good luck.  Let us know how you are doing. 

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Study the menu check your stock and look at receipts on the food items.  Dom they have an updated functioning POS system

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I feel your unease, I accepted a chef position at a lake resort 4months ago and upon arrival was notified that not 1 person had kitchen experience. First thing I did was got the menu, last 3 months of food distributors receipts and got ahold of the food reps. I found 2 calanders that had final counts per night of food served and that was a god send, but the p.o.s. should have records and if your reps have been around awhile theymight
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Thanks for the advises 

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When you do orders, write down what's on hand as well as what you're ordering, that way next time you do one you know if you were heavy or light. Just a tip.
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