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Stephenson Custom Case Co

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Sorry if this is in the wrong area, I will be starting my own personal chef business soon and was looking around for cases to carry some equipment in and came across this. I was wondering if anyone had had, any experience with this case.



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Rossy, I took a look at the link, and the case looks very sturdy and well made. It also looks like it could be a bit heavy. Keep in mind that along with your roller case, you'll be hauling in bags of groceries as well. It's quite a workout.

A few years ago, I had a client who asked me to not roll my case on their wood floor. So, I used it to roll my things from my parked car to their door, and carried in from there, leaving the roller outside. Since then, they moved, and their floors are now stone, so I actually use my roller there now.

I have another client where I have to enter through the side entrance of the house. There are 15 steps down to get there! It's another example how a rolling case can only go so far. Also, in NYC, many personal chefs have to cook in apartment walk-ups. You just never know what your situation will be.

I would highly encourage you to wait on purchasing anything right away. Get some cook dates under your belt first before you spend money on such expensive items. When I first started, I bought a lot of things thinking I would definitely use them, but ended up not so much. I should have tested the waters first, but you live and learn. Good luck with your business!
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Sorry it took so long to reply, very busy at my regular job. Great advice. I will definitely rethink purchases
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No worries.  Glad to help.

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As I will undoubtedly have to transport some equipment, is the an products you would recommend?
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I've had a few rollers over the years, but the one I'm using now is actually a rolling tote bag for scrapbooking/arts & crafts.  It's boxy, and has an extendable handle.  I'm not in love with it, but it serves it's purpose well.  I think the dimensions are about 20x20x16.  I'm on my third year with this one.

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