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Hi everybody

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Been out of the business for a LONG time and getting back in to start a personal chef business. Thanks for having me, I look forward to many posts.
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Welcome back to the business! 

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Thanks Helen. I'm a bit nervous bust really excited
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It's like riding a bicycle!  I too had a long break from the business and have just recently returned.  Just make sure you are up to speed with all the legislation and you will be fine :)  Enjoy

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Thanks, will do
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Rossy, I'm excited to hear you're returning to start a personal chef business. I've been a pc for 6yrs, and it's a young and vibrant industry. Have you thought about your niche or who your targets clients would be? Best of luck in your venture!
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Thanks, I will be taking the roubex professional plant based course and that will be my focus. My goal is to offer the best plant based cuisine to people with food allergies or people who want to try some plant based food
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Rossy, That's a great focus. I took the Rouxbe Plant Based Certification course last year, too. You'll love it, it's really good. I've been plant-based for 5 years, but I still prepare proteins for my clients, if they ask for it. I market my business as 'healthy homestyle' and 'allergy friendly,' and it's a popular niche in my area. Have fun with the course!
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Hi there.. Im new here.  I look forward to many posts, tips and suggestion. Have a nice day!

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