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Help with making a recipe

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I just joined a cooking society and in a few weeks I'm going to have to present a dish of my own to the others. We were each given things that have to be in the dish and for me it's chicken, gnocchi, green peppers and paprika, however you can add anything else you like. 
I decided to ask for some help on this forum for a few ideas to help me make this dish as exciting as possible, as I really have no experience with coming up with new ideas for recipes and everyone else at this society has way more experience than I do but hey, I want to learn.

Any help is appreciated


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You could do chicken fajita along with gnocchis.


Or you could consider a poulet basquaise (chicken cooked in onions and bell peppers with paprika) along with gnocchis.

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Paprikash! The gnocchi is a relative of schpatzle so that would work just fine.
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Thanks guys, I've looked up the basquaise and paprikash and they both look delicious! I will certainly have to have a go making each

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Make sure you show us some pictures of your dishes and good luck!

Life is too short to drink bad wine


Life is too short to drink bad wine

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Sounds like fun!
Can you use premade gnocchi or will you make by hand?
Love to eat browned in butter with sage but that would be more of a winter dish.

Good luck...

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Okay so I don't know if the image will show but I basically made the paprikash and whilst it tasted great, the sauce was too runny for my liking and so it didn't cling onto the gnocchi like I wanted. Oh well, there's always a next time with cooking lol

Thanks everyone for showing your interest!

P.S I know I served too much sauce here but i wanted something to mop up with slices of sourdough my mum had just baked wink.gif
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Also, is it okay that the chicken thighs fell apart some?
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I wish I could have added to this thread earlier, but for future: sweet potato gnocchi with bourbon BBQ chicken and pepper. I am going to make this. Thanks.
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@Planethoff that sounds like a great recipe!

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Originally Posted by MatttW View Post

 that sounds like a great recipe!

Thanks! smile.gif.

Your gnocchi paprikash looks very good. Sorry your sauce wasn't as thick as you would have liked. I bet you will nail it next time. Chicken Thigh looks better intact I think, but when braising, it can be difficult to do, so I think it's fine. Did you make the gnocchi from scratch? What was your recipe?
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Thank you! The gnocchi wasn't from scratch but I have no excuse for that so I will make it next time. Essentially, I seasoned the chicken thighs and then fried them until golden and then removed them from the pan. I then sauteed green peppers and onions until soft/starting to get a little colour and to that I then added 2 tbsp sweet paprika & a pinch of chilli powder. I let these get fragrant in the pan for maybe 1 minute and then I added 1 cup of chicken stock and 2tbsp flour  and scraped the bottom of the pan to release the 'fond' (if that's what you called the browned bits on the bottom?). After this, I put the chicken thighs back in the pan and brought the mixture up to a gentle simmer, covered with a lid and put it in the lower oven of the AGA. After about an hour, I mixed some of the hot liquid from the pan with some sour cream and then added that mixture into my paprikash and voila, it was ready to eat. I may have missed out a step or 2 but that is essentially it. 

Edit.. I realised that when I added the stock I panicked and added a cup of extra water because I was worried about the water level for the chicken. Basically this was stupid, so just stick with what I wrote above ^^^

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Well done Matt.

Did everybody like it?

Life is too short to drink bad wine


Life is too short to drink bad wine

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