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Hi, All:


I have wanted to join for a long time now.  I have been teaching myself to cook for many years and it has helped a great deal to find so many recipes to watch on ATK as well as Cook's Country.  I have been baking bread for many years and still have not tried any of the TK recipes for lack of time. 


I love all types of food and cooking, but I don't use a lot of meat ... unless I'm making boeuf bourguignon.  I use meat more often when company is coming.  It's easy to make the day before.


I lived in Boston and New England for over twenty years.  My favorite cooking show is ATK and Cook's Country.  I must admit, but at the same time would love to say, that I abhor Lidia Bastianich.  I just about doubled over as she showed a baptism on her, em, show.  I could lose several pounds watching her and her hideous children if I were eating dinner.  There is something so ultra-gross about her. 


Sorry to anyone here who actually likes her, really.  Well, I hope to learn a lot about baking and esoteric ingredients here.  I absolutely LOVE Anthony Bourdain!  He is my very favorite writer when it comes to food and food people. 


I am a professional musician and have noticed musicians and artists of all types seem to gravitate toward food people.


Thanks for reading.