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Does this knife exist?

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I was gifted a Shun nakiri and what I like most about it is the D handle. So now I'm looking for a 270mm Gyuto, white steel #2, with a D handle. Something with a Sab- like profile. I know it would be easy if I would accept an octagonal handle, but I've never handled one, so don't know if I'd like it.


I think Shigefusa makes one, but I can't find it in stock anywhere. And I'd like to spend less than $400.


Any suggestions?

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Look at this one


D shape handle check (same handle put on shigs i read somewhere you can search for that though)

V2 steel - sharpens very much like white steel, edge retention more like blue


It's stainless clad so only the last couple mm at the edge are exposed carbon.  Cool contrast and less reactivity overall



If you have the budget, look at the toyama noborikoi on the same site


FYI if you haven't shopped europe before...  you don't pay VAT as a US buyer.  God bless capitalism

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Ask Mr Iwahara from -- -- about the Masamoto KS options. Shouldn't be a problem, really.
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Fwiw d shape is basically oval with a slight lip on one side. If you consider oval or octagon it opens up many options.

Shop for the blade first and foremost
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I'd be pretty surprised if you had a problem with octagonal handles (unless they ran ridiculously small or large). Like Millions says, opens up your options a lot if you can consider oval or octagonal. there is a D handled version in 240mm but not 270, and saw the same on their website for the Hinoura Mutsumi line (D handle, righty, 240mm)
I'd also tentatively suggest Masakage Yuki at Knifewear and also Shimo (not sure a 270mm can be had that isn't ridiculously upmarked), but I think they run a little more curvy on the belly than Sab-like.
Also gyutos at the bottom of this page
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Bernal Cutlery may have some 270mm coming back in stock (you can contact them and ask) but I think they take listings down when a product is out of stock, and they just had a shirogami appreciation month sale, so many items sold out... (Yoshikane, Ikeda, Wakui, Hinoura, etc.)
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