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Garland Range

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Hi there,

My apologies in advance if I am posting this in the wrong forum. I just moved into a home with a massive commercial Garland range. It seems to be in good condition, but I would say it is at least 15 years old. I think I would enjoy using it if I didn't have toddler aged kids. Out of curiosity, any recommendations on where or how to go about selling it?
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What do your toddler aged kids have to do with your stove? What do you think is more dangerous about not than others?

It is also unlikely it is a commercial range, more likely a home Garland range. But I dunno.

Why would you want to sell it? Kind of a boon to have one in your home.
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It is really a cool oven. I'm pretty sure it's an old commercial Garland sunfire. It has 6 pilot lights that are always on and 3 of them are inside the raised griddle/broiler. It gives off a lot of heat, so I've just been turning the gas off when not in use. We might be able to make some adjustments to make it work, but just curious of any ideas for selling if not. Thanks!
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Cool. That is a great oven to have in your house, I'm not sure why you'd want to sell it. Do you think you'd be able to remove it if you did end up selling it? 


Anyways, I'd vote for keeping it. Hard to replace, its a big selling point if you ever sell the house, and it will be awesome to cook on. What more could you want?


To your specific question, I don't know of any other channels for selling it other than classified ads, etc. You might see if there are any restaurants opening in your area that might need a stove. A used stove in good/great condition is a good find for a lot of small restaurants trying to save on startup costs. You might try that. 

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I don't know where you are, but I'd be interested in purchasing it!
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I have a South Bend commercial range - six burners, two ovens and a salamander/flat top.  Mine must be at least 30 yrs. old and I wouldn't trade it for any other range . . . ever . . . . well maybe an AGA, but that'll never happen.  My unit is so well insulated and we've had three grandchildren growing up around it over the past 12 years.  Our youngest is 4 and he/we have never had an issue.  Do yourself a favor and keep it you might never have another and there is no substitute for a commercial range IMO.

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