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You're all fired!

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Worlds first robotic cook.

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Unable to taste, to correct for changes in the food and needed seasoning... pass!

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Yup. Maybe it can remember the manual tasks but it can't think.

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Just for show in my opinion. 

Cooks being replaced by robots i don´t see happening anytime so soon. 

Well atleast not this century.... 

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.



Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.


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"Now who the hell put that can of Comet cleanser where  the parmesan

cheese goes!? That damned robot couldn't tell the difference!" :eek: 

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What kind of dishwasher is that?  Looks pretty convenient.

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COOL  .. but I'm holding out for a Star Trek style food replicator.



A replicator that could be programmed for the greatest culinary productions of the world's most famous chefs would be AWESOME ... though I refuse to eat torgud gagh (live serpent worms) or racht which is a larger and more disgusting version of gagh.



There's also Hasperat which is a type of pepper that if incorrectly prepared will literally sear your mouth .. Ferengi slug steaks ... and Alfarian hair pasta which is made from the hair of a sheep like creature. 


Sound too strange to be true? And I'm not talking about the fictitious food of Star Trek. I'm thinking about the application of 3-D printing to food.



On a more serious note, unless there was prior programming, a robot chef would be unable to substitute ingredients for people with allergies or specific taste preferences. More to the point, a robot chef would lack the creative ability to improvise and to create culinary innovations. Unless we ever develop robots with artificial intelligence and the ability to taste food, technology will never be able to compete with humanity's creative spark.


Where would we have been if George Crum hadn't created the potato chip or if a Syrian concessionaire named Ernest A. Hamwi hadn't thought to adapt his production of zalabisa crispy waffle-like pastry to create a cone for ice cream at the 1904 St. Louis World' Fair? 


Without creative innovation, we would never had had developed ovens, refrigeration, canning, pasteurization, grinding or milling, or the use and process of fermentation, 


Still - that was a cool video. 

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mm youve got me craving Pipius Claw and Heart of Targ now,
washed down with a bottle of Sluggo.

I agree it would be far more practical to just integrate all
ingredients and techniques into one machine internally,
rather than having a robot, or even robot arms, assembling
dishes in a manner that mimicks human movements.
A kind of Chef Machine of sorts.

3d printing from a 2d menu, pretty fascinating stuff!

However i do think full on replicators are a few
centuries off at least. Pity.
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