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I used Bo Friberg's (from his professional pastry chef book) chocolate sponge cake recipe, but for some reason the cake came out dense and egg like.


The recipe did as for Cake Flour, which I did not have, so I used AP and added corn starch, I have done that with other similar recipes.

I beat the eggs and sugar and salt over a bain marie, to 110 as the recipe asked, than cooled it down. (I was using a hand mixer rather than a stand one, but the eggs rose and were fluffy and pale as they should be).


Everything went as it should have (i've done this recipe before, although used an Italian meringue method rather than the swiss one to beat the eggs), the batter seemed fine, but for some reason the cake did not rise and remained dense and almost eggy like.


The recipe says 400f for 15 min. I did half a recipe, and used a sponge roll silicone pan 11.2x8.8x1.6inches rather than a 10x2 inch round one requested in the recipe.


I added the recipe:


6 eggs

6 oz granulated sugar

2.5g salt

3 oz cake flour (used AP mixed with cornstarch, 1 cup AP - 2TBSP +2TBSP cornstarch)

2oz cornstarch

1 oz cocoa powder

2oz melted butter



1) melted butter and flour on the pan. (again I used a silicone sponge roll pan)

2) place the eggs, sugar, and salt in a mixer bowl. Heat over simmering water to about 110F, whipping continuously. Remove from the heat and whip at high speed until the mixture has cooled and is light and fluffy. -- I have done that and it looked fine! the way I know it is supposed to look like.

3) sift the flour, cornstarch, and cocoa powder together and fold into the batter by hand. Fold in the melted butter.

4) Bake immediately at 400F for app. 15 min. let cool before removing from the pan.


Everything was done as it should. I have done sponge cake before, so I know the way it should look. Not sure why it didn't came out the way it should have. I am wondering if the hand mixture is to blame, perhaps it is not strong enough to whip the eggs, although they looked fine!


I have added a picture of the cake below.

I am hoping you can help me figure this out!