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Chocolate morsels

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I have some chocolate morsels grayish in color.  Are they safe to use for baking?

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I can't see them but I'll say yes. If they aren't ten years old. Often it's the cocoa butter that separates out a little, usually more white than grey but that grayish color is also depends on the brand and how they are produced. Besides, I've eaten LOTS of chocolate and never had any that had gone bad. 

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They were inside a box of Duff Goldman's Blondie brownie mix which I bought this Spring.  I ended up tossing out the dough.  It was so thick I couldn't spread it into my square pan.  I thought I would at least keep the chocolate morsels which was included in the brownie mix.  The expiration date on the box is August 31, 2016.

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As chef writer said, that's a bit if separation. Caused by heat during storage. Not a problem. Please let us know if Duffs mix is a good one! Oh, you threw it out...
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Just FYI ..

Next time (if there is one) dip a big spoon in water and use it to spread the batter.

You could make drop cookies as well altho the baking time will be shorter so start checking at 12-13 min.



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