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how Shred oxtail

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Hi all


am planning to make Oxtail pie and its my first time cooking with oxtail, or doing a major plate lol


what is best way to cook oxtail so we can shred it or easily remove from bone in-order to cook it


and if you have a good oxtail pie recipe would we awesome if you can share it 




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Braise it with a mirepoix, peppercorn, and fresh herbs.  Strain and save the broth.

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That... and either drink the broth as a health tonic or adapt it into a yummy soup!


When properly braided the oxtail will practically shred itself.


Any "beef pot pie" recipe will work. Substitute the oxtail for whatever beef they specify.  Adapt the accompaniment any way you want. I'd probably do oxtail and mushroom, onion, and maybe potato but skip other veg that might be in a traditional beef pie.

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Oxtail is delicious and very rich, so it should make a good filling for a pie. Be careful when you pick the meat though, the oxtail can be quite riddled with fat, gristle and tough connective tissue. Take your time to make sure you are getting only meat. 


I like to season all my braised meats at least 24 hours ahead of time to let the salt and flavor penetrate the meat. It really makes the braise taste a LOT better, even if you are shredding the meat for the final product. Just be careful if you use the braising liquid, because too much reduction can make it salty. 


Good luck. 

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I personally would not use oxtail in a pie.  You will loose too much of the gelatinous, broken down collagen that makes this cut so special.  Those ooey, gooey bits that melt in your mouth with it's cooked low and slow.  I would substitute brisket, but hey - to each their own - good luck with your project.

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Oxtail should be perfect for a pie.  Braising should work the liquid and us it for any liquid required by your recipe.  The gelatinous component should help the pie set up well as it cools.


Nothing will be more flavorful as the oxtail.  

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