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Under Griddle Broilers

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Hi, Folks.  Brand new member here, and I came with a question.  First off I've been in the industry for 15+ years on the management end of things.  During that time I've owned two small places of my management to me doesn't mean "hang around out front and make sure everyone is happy".  I'm an "in the trenches" kind of guy.


During my years I have never used a broiler that is located under a flat top griddle.  I typically see these in conjunction with a range (griddle/broiler to the right of a burner setup), or as stand alone units.  I"m used to using free standing broilers, and wonder if the combo units work as well.  


I"m asking because I need to redo part of my cooking line.  Currently we have an old, on it's last leg, 36" free standing broiler & a 24" flat top griddle.  What I'd like to do is move up to a 36" flat top.  If I do this, I could add a small range to the line in the remaining 24" of space.  But my concern is the broiler located under the griddle.  Are they as good as the stand alone units?  


My other option would be to have a flat top and stand alone broiler on a table...but it sure would be nice to be able to combine those units and get a few more range burners up front.


Thanks for your help & opinions.

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If you are talking about flashing things, melting cheese, browning crust, toasting brioche, and things similar to that, it should be fine.

If you need it to cook steaks and proteins and stuff, it's probably not the same. You don't mean a standalone broiler like at a steakhouse, do you?

I think it mostly depends on what you do with it. For basic stuff though, yeah, it should be just fine.
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Yep, im talking about replacing a stand alone salamander. Keep in mind that the one i have is probably 30 years old and not in the best of condition.

It doesnt see a ton of action. The majority of use it sees is broiling some seafood, and finishing some prime rib to temp.

Really just wondering if the under griddle/radiant broilers were an ok replacement for the old salamander.
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I would say yes then, it is probably OK. Most likely it won't be QUITE as good as a standalone, but if that is all you are going to use it for I would think it would suffice. 

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