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Any Wüsthof PEtec experience here?

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Got recently two new Wussies, Cordon Bleu series. A bit lighter, light handle, neutral balance, lower tip, less belly than the other ones.
Sharpened according to Wüsthof's new PEtec standards. I won't repeat here their marketing stuff, but basically it's a simple V-edge instead of the old convex edge, at an angle of some 13 degree per side.
Fit &Finish OK, spine and choil a bit sharp, normal at this price point.
I normally wouldn't have mentioned the factory edge, but these knives are meant for a general public.
Consistent grinding, nice edges, shoulders should have been eased a bit, but both edges weren't deburred. The first one even had the most spectacular wire edge I've ever seen. Very sharp indeed, but breaking off within a few cuts, leaving a damaged and dull edge behind.
No big deal, I do have a few stones...
But what was the idea of these Wüsthof marketing guys??
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They probably want you to pay $150 for the "Wusthof 3 stage chefs choice electric PEtec sharpener"

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Wire, that's how my Ikon came.  Wusties can hold a 13deg edge for a while, even 12, so long as they never touch a board.  I put a conservative microbevel on my Wusty and tried in on the board.  Held up for a day or 2.  Also, thin edge + German stainless + board work = lots of fatigued metal to remove every time you take it to the stones.


What's with these marketing guys?  Miyabi takes it to a whole new level when they advertise their SG-2 steel knives sharpened to 9deg. Listen to the birdy, chip chip chip chip.  Though I won't believe they actually deliver them like that till I see it.

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Gosh, I'd hate to deal with what you just had. Recently used what I believe was a fairly new Henckels Pro S while away from home, maybe some steeling had already occurred, but at any rate a German knife that isn't even super thin or taken to a silly acute angle.

I was unimpressed by the time I got to bell pepper #3. This is the established classic stuff, right?

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These modern Wüsthof edges have a very poor design: straight bevels at far too low an angle, very pronounced shoulders, making them really fat behind the edge. Once you remove these shoulders and convex the edge, ending at some 35 degree inclusive, you get a fairly usable knife. Avoid any refinement in sharpening. I use a Chosera 400, stropping and deburring on a 800 (JIS), rough leather in between perhaps. Further polishing will weaken the soft matrix and undermine edge stability.
Curiously, they stand on crappy poly boards quite well.
While the steel is the same as with the stamped Victorinox, grain and carbides seem much finer -- just from the feeling from the stones. Fibrox Victorinox get with me an even worse treatment: only 400 and deburring with a green Scotch pad.
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Update about the Cordon Bleu series who have disappeared as such: they came back in the classic series.

Same model number as the old ones.

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I guess that's a good thing...? At least they don't have the full bolster design

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