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Looking for a new Gyuto

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Hello everyone!
Let me start out by saying I'm new to this site and still a pretty young chef, but I've got a driving passion for food and I've been struggling to find the best knife for me. I recently fell in love for Japanese steel (my chef has taught me the general care for them as well) and I decided to buy one for myself. I ended up with a knife I'm not so happy with and with a new tool roll on its way I'm looking to stock up on the right knives!

I personally prefer the 240mm size for my chef knives, and I would like to find something that holds a great edge and will stand up in a professional kitchen, I've read about Hattori's but I can't seem to find them in stock anywhere, also recently started looking at a Sakai Takayuki 33 layer VG10 Damascus.

Any other pointers on a new Gyuto along with pettys, and other great tools that I should look into would be greatly appreciated!
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Welcome! I have a Sakai Takayuki 17 layer VG10 nakiri and it is a good knife but I'd have to warn about VG10 knives in general are a tad "chippy", depending on the maker.


I also have a Sakai Takayuki AEB-L 240mm Grand "Cheff" Gyuto and that is a very fine stainless steel knife and works very well as a laser thin commercial kitchen knife. That knife is a truly fine, thin workhorse. 


I have also experimented with cheaper carbon steel knives and I feel they are even more suited to my kitchen and my cutting needs and style. I am somewhat a noob to carbon steel but I much prefer steels like White #2 and Blue steels are fun. I have various carbon steel knives from Tanaka, Tojiro and Fujiwara that I use in my kitchen with ease.  

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Why faux-Damascus? How will it contribute to your work?
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