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Greatings from Alabama

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My wife and I have started a cottage food canning company (Fig Leaf Farms, LLC)  specializing in older, regional canning recipes. After years of canning for friends and family, we now share the goods at farmers markets. I look forward to sharing with and learning form from those on this forum. 


Cheers, Shelley Heard

Huntsville, AL

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Hey From Alabama! I'm from Tuscaloosa myself. Do yall get to any of the farmers markets down my way?
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Hi Superexec,


I only know the markets in Madison County, and there are lots of them here- too many, perhaps, for the demand. Even folks with good incomes would rather spend $4 for factory produced condiments than the high quality, crafted equivalents. But I digress ... 


A quick google search produces this list ( but it is probably incomplete. Here, most markets are run by churches- Greene Street Market was first and now there are a half dozen or so. The more markets that pop up, the fewer people attend each. There is little or no coordinated marketing so they are finding themselves in trouble (vendors can't make enough money at any one market to justify the expense of time and effort.


We have a County farmers market, and perhaps Tuscaloosa County does also. Ours has been neglected by country government and the churches have basically privatized the function. With the exception of well known local fruit farmers and ice cream/ popsicle / iced tea vendors, most small operations are suffering. Sorry, more digression.


Good luck finding your farmers markets. If you are ever in the Huntsville area, drop me a line and I'll point you to the ones we have.


Cheers, Shelley

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