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slow cooking a 30 pound baron of beef

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  Thank you guys for your input last week on roasting a 30 pound inside round.   I ended up chickening out and cutting the roast into two pieces and roasted at 300 till reaching 135 inside.  It was delicious and pretty tender but and I sold the whole thing however I found it a lil to far into the medium range and not quite as tender as I want it, so this week I really want to keep it as one 30 pound piece and am only going to cook it to 130 inside temp.  I still wish to try cooking it at 225 to 250 range and have not been able to find a conversion table for minutes per pound at this low of a temp.  I would really appreciate any help in locating a conversion chart or here from somebody with experience in cooking this large a piece at these low temps.  Also my partner is trying to get me to change to a so called Flat cut roast.   could i get some input on comparisson between inside round outside round and this so called FLAT cut.  I prefer a fattier cut for juiciness personally.   Thanks very much   

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I don't see why you need a conversion table. You know how long you cooked the first ones.

So leaving the roast in one piece may not exactly double the time but probably close to it, especially at a lower temperature oven. 

For a thirty pound roast you'll also need to allow for a fairly long resting time after it's cooked so factor that in if you have to have it ready by a specific time. 

   I would try to have the roast as much at room temp as possible to start so the time in the oven isn't spent getting the chill off. Start it at 350 for the first half hour to get it started then lower the temp for the remainder of the time. When the roast reaches 125, pull it out and let it rest. As it rests the temp will continue to climb closer to 135 by the time it is ready to slice.  

    i don't know what your partner is calling a Flat roast. Is that an industry term? Is there an official name for what he is talking about? 

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Sorry, I'm not going to be much help here, to give you a "silver bullet" time for what your doing would be pretty hard.  Ideally cooking a large round, such as this, is made very easy in a Cook and Hold Oven.  They come with a meat probe that shuts the oven down once it reaches temp, and then holds it at that temp for service.  It allows for overnight cooking and such.

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I would also recommend pulling it at 125 (even 120) instead of 130.  In a roast that large the carry over temp will be in the 10-15 degree range.  You'd be surprised how long it continues to cook even when you pull it from the heat...there's a lot of thermal mass there.  


So if you want to serve it at 135, you need to pull it no later than 125....serve at 130, pull at 120...and so forth.  Even something as small as rib loins for a standing roast will go up by 10 degrees as it sits.  

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Thanks jay i totally agree. The wuestion i am owing is still the same. What kind of time per pound do o need to alot for at this low cooking temp of 200 to 225
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