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Advice to fix knife handle

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I'm a first year culinary student. So yes, I'll make a mistakes. And my first big one is.... I put my chefs knives in the dishwasher.... I know, I'm SORRY >< It is NOT EVER going to happen again. Lucky for me is just seems like the polish on my wood handles is gone white in places, and their are rough spots here and there. Anyone want to pity me and give me some advice on how to polish my handles and fix them a little? My blades are just fine thankfully, I got lucky there ^^; 

Thanks to anyone who reply's! 

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You can lightly sand your handle to help it.  If it's not to heavily damaged, I'd get it back to where you want it with sandpaper around 120 grit.  Then smooth it out with 200.  You can oil the handle easily with Tru Oil...and you can get that at Walmart in the outdoors section.  


Good luck.

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Do you have any pictures? And, are you talking about like natural wooden handles or your standard resin impregnated pakkawood/staminawood type handle?
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@Christa Piercey welcome to cheftalk.  I've replaced some handles with my own custom handles so I know the process start to finish.  It's not the end of the world and it can be fixed for sure with a little effort.


1) Is this western style handle with scales on either side?  did they separate from the metal leaving a gap?  If yes you can fill that with epoxy


2)  What is the material?  Real wood?  pakkawood or other fake plastic resin wood?  Anyway the answer is you can sand it down with fine grit paper probably start like 400 and do 800 or 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper.  


If it's natural wood - rub it down with mineral oil doesnt matter for pakka or stamina wood.  if you want, and this is not strictly necessary, you can make a blend of mineral oil and bees wax  5:1 is the paste I make in a double boiler.  The beeswax adds a bit of water resistance.

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