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My question is what kinds of things do they teach at a formal culinary school? Right now I'm at a community college for a culinary arts degree and they don't seem to want to teach us how to "actually cook". They expect us to get knowledge from work and use it in the class room, my problem is that I'm currently trying to find a job and I've never been a line cook, only a dishwasher or prep cook for certain things. All they do is tell us to read certain chapters in our book for the class we're in, then hand us recipes in class and tell us to make it. For instance, one day I was told I had to make a Creamy Spinach soup. I had never blanched spinach before, when I asked the Chef "how do I tell if it's done"? he got annoyed. They haven't taught us knife skills yet and this is my second semester, I've only learned from online and teaching myself knife skills. I know the first thing they teach at any decent culinary school is all about your knife, how much different is it?