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hey chef, let me know more about your thery on labor cost im looking for new ideas for a place im consulting. there in a pinch and and fist thing is labor, then next is to stream line the menu and cut it in half its huge! and prep tim efor crappy food isnt selling anymore. thanks for your time

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First 55hours is nothing for a restaurant chef if you have the double service.


Restaurant cost is about 30% (of course this depend of type of busyness)

But this is for all staff don't forget Hall staff maybe porter or reception too.

So 14% just for kitchen can be hard or not.

At work with 1.5 M $ sales year My kitchen labor cost is 18.7% and 11.69% for hall

December (very good month) kitchen cost was 13.46%.


Depend of many factor.


Good luck.

French guy in Japan.

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