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What to leave for Santa?

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What did you leave on the hearth for Santa growing up?  We started with milk and cookies.  When we got a little older we were told Santa would rather have cheese, crackers, and a glass of Jack Daniel's.:beer: 

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Chocolate chip cookies and milk as a kid. Now that I'm a bachelor, Santa told me I can leave him Jameson's Irish Whiskey. Cheese and crackers nice but optional. 

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Santa must have a varied palette, he prefers JW Black at our house.
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We grew up leaving our wish list in the freezer on Christmas Eve... (freezer equals North Pole if you are confused) now that we have little ones repeating this tradition Santa get a bottle of Tito's vodka and a rocks glass lol.



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My daughter always leaves Santa cookies and beer-he gets tired of all the warm milk.  And of course, a carrot for Rudolph.

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