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Electric knife sharpener?

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Can you please recommend a quality electric knife sharpener? There are a lot of gimmicky ones, but I just want one that I can rely on and won't mess up my knives. Thank you! Oh, and I need an affordable one. That means NOT what a professional would pay for one.

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They all mess up your knives.  Use them with cheap knives you don't care about or get whetstones

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Even the Worksharp ones? I have whetstones. I was considering using them.

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Are you talking about this thing?


There are good and bad sharpeners (as in people) using belt sanders.  The best use little pressure, adjust the speed on the belt, and don't overheat knives.  The worst grind too much metal and wreck the temper of the metal.  


The ken onion worksharp looks okay if you know how to use it but also the belts are pretty small at 1/2" x 12".  1" x 30" is more standard belt.  I expect they will wear out fast fast fast.  Probably this thing is meant for shorter knives, pocket knives, outdoors, not kitchen knives


There are no good pull through sharpeners.  Forget about those

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Not a fan of electric pull thru sharpeners I think they do more damage than good. One major issue to look out for is when your knife has a bolster most if not all will fail to sharpen your knife correctly. In the end you will have to have the bolster reduced to correct the uneven sharpening. I have included before and after pics for you. Even if you don't have knives with bolsters the electric sharpeners just aren't worth it. Either give them to a professional or get those stones out and the more you practice the better you will get.


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The best way for sharpening knives is a horizontal wetstone. It doesn't put a curve in your edge and runs at a low rpm
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