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What order do you assemble when plating a dish?

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Hi there colleagues, had a thing in mind when it comes to plating multiple dishes at the once or in general to keep all dishes hot when they leave the pass, in what order do you plate components starch/veg/protein/sauce ?
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No one? smile.gif
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Welcome to Cheftalk,  The order would depend on the composition of the dish. 

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Usually plate the protein or main and build the sides around it.
Well thats a conventional plating, but likeJimyra says it dpends
on the dish as well. Why you ask--you getting complaints of uneven
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​Although your question sounds simple, it is very broad  and subsequently there really is no definitive answer which is probably why you don't have too many responses here.


There are many different considerations.


Is your sauce going under or over your protein


does your protein retain heat


does your side retain heat


does it have multiple components


do you have an expeditor garnishing/finishing plates?


how many people do you have on your line


etc etc etc


Obviously you need to look at all these elements while designing your menu. What and who you have to work with will define what you can and cannot do in your kitchen. If you have to ask this question, my advice to you at this point would be to keep it as simple as you can.

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Why I am asking is that I work a small restaurant and almost always plating on my own, so sometimes when assembling dishes for like 2 tables at the same time it can be tough to keep everything smokin hot when leaving the pass if you understand what I mean.
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whats your menu like? is it online? tell me what the restaurant name is and where and ill have a look at it

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Yes but it is in Swedish tho
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ok then that wont work.


Heres a few ideas


a lot of proteins can be half cooked and put on the side.

For example if you have a fillet of salmon and lets say you have it on the menu as grilled, make the grill marks and set it aside to be finished in the oven at the appropriate time.

lets say you have a dish of pasta going to the same table. Cook your pasta don't add the butter Set it aside

the easy dishes leave for last

a well done steak first

have your sides ready to be cooked if they are not already hot


So when you are plating try to time everything to be finished at more or less the same time starting with the hardest/longest dishes first, working your way to the easiest last.


Obviously keep your plating simple and if you are on your own in the kitchen do not accept parties larger than 4 maximum 6 people to be seated


let me know if this helps at all

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Yes, that is usually how I work, when the order comes in, i start fire the proteins but leaving them half cooked while the table are eating starters, why shall a well done steak leave first for example.
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it,s probably the most time consuming on your ticket and with a variable cooking time. It also will retain heat better than fish. Fish cools down very quickly. Pasta dishes also retain temp as do risottos and soups. Try putting those types of choices on your menu and avoid thinly sliced proteins

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