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Buyers Jitters- Commercial Convection Oven

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Need some reassurance from my pastry peers.

I think I have decided to purchase a Montague Oven. This oven has an 2 spd. On/Off fan feature w/ 63,000 btu as opposed to the other 115,000 btu.
They state it is designed for delicate baking, gentle enough for meringues.

The fan On/Off feature (manufacturer states) shouldn't be used 24/7. (I won't be using it that much) My concern is, with the fan being "ON", will my cakes suffer? (chiffons-turning out flat)

My experience has only being in deck ovens and conventional ovens. My use is for mainly cakes and other sweets.

My question is: This is a big purchase,am I making the right decision? Is this the oven, will I be satisfied with this oven, will my cakes suffer in this convection oven?

Any feedback, please.

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I'm not familiar with that brand, but I assume you are buying a less expensive oven, which is why the BTUs are lower. Make sure you have an adequate warranty with the oven, should you have problems in the future.

Convection is fine for most cakes, but a lot of people have difficulty with cupcakes and muffins blowing over.
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Thanks Momoreg.
Actually it is more expensive than the one with more heat. I guess I am more worried about the fan than the heat.
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I use both now, conv/deck depending on the location. It's like anything else, you will need to experiment and learn your oven.
I'm thinking you will find it pleasantly rewarding since you've got the option of low fan or thermal. You might find yourself baking denser batters on low speed and your delicates thermal.
Montague makes a good box and I would certainly purchase as you did with the option for conv/thermal and multi speed.
IMHO I would question the manufacturer on the dangers of using conv ot thermal all the time. I'd be curious. Does it have cool down fans?
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Thanks Panini.....Panini, My main business is wedding cakes, holiday/seasonal pound cakes. I am looking at a convection, because the possibilities of doing cookies, etc...later on.
I'm thinking that would be the wiser choice. Kill two birds with one stone.
Should I be looking at small deck ovens. If I only bake cakes? Then I would be limited. Sorry, to sound so:confused:
I'll check if it has cool down fans.
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I use my convection for cakes, cheesecakes, cookies and cupcakes without any problems with blowing batter, etc. I use low speed as I don't have the option of turning the fan off. My oven is an imperial and if I remember correctly it's about 70000 btu's. I'm not a full scale bakery, just a custom cake shop with wedding and party cakes mostly and the convection oven definitely gets the job done and with great results....I'm starting to sound like a commercial:D
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Spoons, our chef replaced old Wolf convections with brand new Montagues. Since our hood in the bakery was much lower than the hot side, we got the oven with LOW/HIGH AIR switch because it fit. The other side got the ON/OFF air feature. The ovens bake great. One thing to check---make sure the sheetpans fit! Our full sheetpans would not sit level, the width of the oven (where the side holding racks hold the actual oven racks)was the exact length of the pan. Really weird. The hot side did not have a problem with theirs.
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