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rehydration of mushrooms

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For some reason couldn't post in first thread so ask here. Can you keep using the same water to rehydrate bunches of mushrooms? Wondering since filtered first bach why not just use the water again since it has flavor and been refridged
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After mushrooms are re-hydrated I carefully pour off the liquid into another container leaving the grit behind.  I add the liquid to whatever I'm cooking as it's packed with flavor.  

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You definitely could, but how often are you rehydrating mushrooms?  I don't know that I would want to keep that water, even sitting in my fridge, for weeks or months on end between uses as I usually use fresh mushrooms and only use dried on rare occasions.  Even if using it regularly I probably wouldn't use it more than 2-3 times.  I think that it would get a bit "funky."


I'll second Mike9's suggestion; I often strain the liquid then use, at least a portion of that liquid in whatever I am making.  In winter, I often make a ragout of Sausage and Dried Mushrooms to put over pasta.  After I sauté my onions, in the fat rendered off of the Italian sausage, I will deglaze the pan with mixture of red wine and the mushroom water.  I feel that it adds a depth to the flavor.

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+1 on using the liquid in the dish. Why keep it for more rehydration? Is water so expensive?

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That liquid is often so gritty that I like to run it through a coffee filter before adding it to the dish I'm cooking. For example if making mushroom risotto, that liquid goes straight in the pan along with the chicken stock I'm using.

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If it doesn't go into the dish itself, I'll often put it in the soup stock for the soup in an Asian dinner.


Yesterday though, I discarded it as it didn't fit in the meal anywhere. 

Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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Just received my mushrooms and its a big bag so vacummed sealed one and double bagged the other in zip lock bags. I put some in a foodsaver container to use first. I make this breakfest thing so figured I'll use some for that but what else? Saw some videos on youtube sadly most were in asian so who knows what they were doing. How long can the broth be keeped in the fridgs and what liquid do you rehydrate in, could i use wine as well broth?

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Mushroom risotto!!

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mushroom water could overpower the dish with its woody flavour! Also the flavour from fresh water should be enough! as the water doesnt really have any umami flavour to it, just the woody bit!

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