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creme brulee

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Made my first creme brulee today. I did it with a puff pastry brioche shell with strawberries on the bottom. My problem of course was the actual creme brulee. It's too soft. Did I put too much cream, not do the combining well? Do I need more egg yolks? Any ideas? Also, Is there a way i can keep from burning my shell when i torch them? They kept lighting on fire

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The shell can be protected with a strip of foil.

As for the brulee, the yolks are the thickener, so you can try adding more. But also make sure that the custard is baked all the way through. When you check them in the oven, the center should be as firm as the edges. If you see a slight jiggle in the center, it's still not ready.
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I took it out too early, it was still jiggly in the middle but not on the outside. After the cooking, i put it into the frig uncovered...It got a skin and when i tried to mix it up so that i could pour it in the shell, it was all lumpy. I strained it but it still wasn't great. Next time should i cover it even when its still hot?
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You're actually scooping the cooked creme brulee into the baked shell, right? You could try cooking the creme brulee over a bain marie, stirring until thickened----it will give you a smoother creme brulee meant for your type of application. Do a search, I have seen someone post a recipe.
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Here's a recipe from pastrychefcentral:

"The formula below, is made over a simmering water bath, and contains more egg yolks then the baked version. Here is the recipe.

1 1/2 cups Heavy Cream
9 Egg Yolks
3 oz. Sugar
1 vanilla bean or vanilla extract.

Prepare as you would vanilla sauce. Cool over an ice water bath to thicken. Stirring occasionally."

This is used to fill tulip shells, tart shells, etc.
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