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I have been reading through an incredible amount of posts and knowledge from everyone on this site regarding commercial style ranges for home use. For background, I cook far more than bake (with the exception of bread) I use my oven to finish meats, roast veggies and I always host thanksgiving. On my range I sear, simmer, reduce and boil. I would like to upgrade to a double oven range.
That said, I have questions about ranges based on several great points found on this site but many threads are quite old and want to know what's relevant for 2017.

A) dual fuel range or straight gas - based on my cooking notes above?
B) self-clean vs manual clean - is this hype or a genuine hardship?
C) anyone have current conversations with repair companies to find out their top choices for reliability?
D) my eyes are on the following ranges: Capital, La Cornue, Blue Star, Wolf (in no particular order of interest)

Hopefully I have given enough detail for you to be able to lend some great advice or direction. I do plan on talking to some repair ships directly and wonder if there are any suggested places to call on the West Coast?

Thanks and looking forward to the replies!