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We found this thread a few days ago when we were wondering what to do with the breast and thigh portions we had from a Canada Goose shot by my husband earlier this year.
Following on from some of the posts we read, which we found very interesting, we wanted to add our own Kiwi twist. The history surrounding the Canada Goose residing in New Zealand is that it was introduced in 1905 as a game bird and enjoyed protected status until 1996. It then formed part of a game bird shooting licence when it could only be shot in season (typically for three months). As early as 1925 it was reported to be damaging pasture and crops. Because of our temperate climate, the population flourished. In 2011 it was removed from the game bird licence and classified as a noxious pest, able to be hunted 24/7 - 365. (hence a few birds appearing in our freezer throughout the year). Because the bird does not migrate North or South of New Zealand, it tends to find its own sheltered habitat and stays put for all four seasons. Top of the accommodation list: city parks and reserves. There are many organised culls of Canada Geese throughout the country which are dates on every game hunter's calendar.
So while my husband enjoys shooting them, it's always a challenge to think of how to cook the various bodies (winged ones) that appear from the freezer shelves.
We found this recipe (the five spice powder one) and had enough ingredients to make our own five spice powder (the wonders of the internet!), but sadly not enough time for the full maceration or marination. Never fear! It tasted extremely good with the limited time we had, and we have saved the second portion of breast and thigh as a supplement to our Christmas Day Brunch Buffet! Not sure all the kids are going to fancy goose at 11am, but heck, it will certainly be a talking point for the grown ups!
Thanks to mudbug for 'recipe-ising' all the suggestions back in November 2000 - saved our bacon (or goose) in 2013 smile.gif
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Very interesting I try to do this now!

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