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In order to widen my skills as Middle-Eastern cook (kuan, this could be my March challenge!;) ) I'm looking for a good recipe for M'dammas. This seems appropriate to this time, as broad bean season is starting soon here. The problem is that I got no recipe, only a description of the dish in one of my cookbooks. I made an online search and found some recipes, which seem, however, totally different from what I expected...I mean, a sort of puree (like hummus) containing pieces of other vegetables.

If you have a good recipe, could you share it with me?


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Last summer, I tried a Lebanese recipe for foul m'dammas (foul = fava beans), using fresh fava beans. It didn't come out very well. A few days later, I was with a Lebanese friend and asked about this failure. He said that foul m'dammas is made with dried beans, not fresh ones. That would explain why you saw recipes with a hummus-like consistency, as some of the dried beans would tend to disintegrate during cooking.

I will consult some middle eastern cookbooks when I get home, to see if I can find a few m'dammas recipes for you, but my Lebanese friend's comment about it being a dried bean product (at least that kind of m'dammas) may mean it isn't a broad bean-season recipe.

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Thanks breynolds!
I was just wondering whether fouls had to be fresh or dried (this wasn't clear in most recipes I found) but this is not a problem in any case because also dried fouls are easily available here!

Looking forward to your recipes...:)

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