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High School VICA competition...?

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Hello world,
To all those who may be involved in VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) I wanted to see if there were any teachers / instructors who may have been involved in any VICA competitions throughout the country? Delaware just had our competitions espicially in the Culinary Arts, FOH-Dining Room, Commercial Baking, and Job Skills Demonstration.

Q- "Have any of you been involved in the competitions in any way?

"Any of you have an "inside scoop" on the Nationals out in Kansas City in any of these catagories?

We did very well in the Commercial Baking and I was trying to get some information from anyone who has any experience from the big competition! Thanks so much,

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I've competed at the post-seconday level at the Kansas City competition after winning our State level contest(Culinary Arts). My schoolmate represented our state in the Baking competition the same year.

What woudl you liek to know?
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This would be my first time in such an enormous event. Basically what are the do's and don'ts during the competition, and what is the single most important thing I should be telling/practicing in preparation for my student? Is there much of a chance to network with other instructors during the week?
Thanks for the reply,
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You and your students will have a great time in KC. I had no idea what VICA was all about when I got up involved with this...just did the school level competition for the experience never expecting to go farther.

I was in the post-secondary competition but the high school and post sedondary are nearly identical in format. You'll arrive at least two days before your contest most likely....there is one day that is dedicated to informational meetings. You'll meet with the technical chair(Sorry I don't remember who the Baking one is...Chef Barber of Cooking School Stories is the technical chair for Cul Arts) in a fairly extensive meeting to go over all the rules and what is expected. There will also be a written exam at this meeting. Rules are very particular regarding uniforms so be sure your state VICA officers give you the right info before you go - you do not want to have ot be worrying about tracking something down at the last minute(I speak from experience on this one! :lol:)

As for teh competition itself, at least in culinary arts...TIME TIME TIME is key. I fell behind the clock in the second half of the day and that was it, no chance of getting ahead again. I finished 7th which I was very pleased with but had I managed my time better I would have finished better as well... People who are technically correct and have their products in teh window on time will do the best....Pay very close attention to the competency sheets that are handed out - don't do anythign that isn't asked for without checkign with a judge or tech advisor, otherwise you will lose points. SANITATION is also key - many people who otherwise do marvelously at this competition lose a lot of points in this area. Teach your kids to work clean and handle food correctly and they will pick up some easy points that a lot of other people give away carelessly.

Do you know who went last year for your state? IN my case our state representative the year prior was also from my school so I was able to review the competencies from teh year before which helped a lot with what to expect. I wish I coudl remember in detail what my friend had to do in Baking but I don't recall unfortunately to help you out. I know there was cake decorating....but what products beyond that they were asked to work with I forget. Sorry!

I was really impressed by the whole National conference. Like I said I knew nothing about it before going...I was much older than most people who weren't advisors(i'm in my mid 30s) so I didn't have much in common a lot of what was going on during the week(honestly my husband came out with me and we did sightseeing rather than going to a lot of the planned activities). The post-secondary culinary arts contest was held on Wed...most every other contest is held on Thurs so we ahd all day thurs to wander the convention center and check out all the other categories. It was AMAZING....we were really really impressed at the whole thing and what a fantastic investment in vocational education it was! I think you'll be equally impressed.

You should have time to network with others in your field. Where are you staying? do you know? AZ wasn't staying downtown but rather out near Overland Park. Transportation was excellent but it limited how many people we met. I believe there were meetings for just the advisors as well.

OH....and take the time to take you kids on a trip to the Truman Library. We went out there one afternoon while we were there. I'd never been to a Presidential Library before...this was definitely worth the trip. What a history lesson it was! We were very impressed with how objectively it was put together as well...there was quite an honest examination of Truman's faults as well as his accomplishments.

I'm not sure if I've really answered your questions! Please let me know what other info I might be able to help you with! I think you and your students will love this experience! :)
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