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Retracing the route  

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Hi Leslie... thanks so much for spending time here. Great to have the interaction.

I was wondering if you have spent time traveling over the route taken by Lewis and Clark, and if so, did this have any effect in how you approached writing your book?
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Dear ChiliBoy,

Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to retrace the journey of Lewis and Clark before writing my book. Luckily, I will be going to all of the 14 Signature Events that are planned by the Lewis and Clark Bicenntennial Council. The website is then go to the event pages. I am so excited about seeing all of the these incredible historic parts of our great Country.

My first trip is not part of the regualar events. I will be in Pittsburgh PA, April 25th, for a dinner at the famous Pines Tavern that will be featuring recipes from my book and Richard's wines. The menu is: Terrapin Soup with Sherry, Smoked Trout Cakes, Spoon Bread with Corn and Chives, Roasted Duckling with Blackberry Sauce, Parsnip Fritters, Grilled Maple Salmon, Salsify with Shallots and Cream, Venison Roulade with Wild Mushrooms and Smithfield Ham, Hominy with Tomatoes au Gratin, Buttermilk Biscuits, Cornbread, Sweet Potato and Pecan Muffins, Dried Apple Pie, Pawpaw Ice Cream and Assorted Cookies.

The owner of the Pines Tavern, Michael Novak, says that they have so many reservations that they will open up another room and now have room for a few more. If anyone is in this area and would like to come, the telephone number is (724)-625-3252. It sounds like it will be a wonderful evening! Michael Novak and his Pines Tavern always have great write-ups in the food magazines, and he frequently wins the top awards for his winemaker dinners and cooking classes. I have gotten to know him on the telephone and he is charming, delightful, and extremely knowledgeable about food, wine and history.

The following day I will be giving a lecture at the Heinze Historical Society. I am so excited about seeing Pittsburgh for the first time!

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your trip to PA in April

Oh my, what a wonderful time you are going to have. The fact that they have so many reservations already is exciting! I sure hope you have a fabulous experience and re discover more treasures. Have a great time.
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Dear Coleen,

So glad to see you have checked out this great site. It was so nice to meet you at the bookstore and hope that you have had a chance to try some of the recipes in the Lewis and Clark Cookbook. Let me know!

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