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The "Dutch Oven"  

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Camp Chef recently released a Lewis and Clark memorial Dutch Oven line and other cast iron. (http://www.iliveoutdoors.com/lewis_clark/product.html)

Could you convert the old camp oven techniques directly? Or what types of conversions were necessary to adapt the cast iron behavior and flavor to modern cooking?

As a scout master, I dabble in outdoors dutch oven cooking with my troop and your experience in this area would be interesting to me.

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Dear Phil,

While I love to cook outdoors, I am not an expert on Dutch oven cooking. I have always used Lodge Cast Iron's wonderful products and I know they have several good books on the subject.

It must be wonderful to be Scoutmaster! My nephew is 8-years-old I am trying to convince my sister to get him into scouting. Unfortunately her work schedule makes it difficult for after school activities.

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