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Happy Mothers Day

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Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers here in Cheftalk.

What is everyone doing for mommy's day today? Doing anything special? Making anything special?

My mom and I were suppose to go to the Keg yesterday but bad weather cancelled that so instead I made her her favorite cake, Gateau St. Honore, with little heart shaped cream puffs. Whole family will finish that off in less then 5mins. Unfortunatly, I have a wedding to attend to tonight so no mothers day celebrations with my family today.
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DH and daughter did some cleaning. DH prepared a lumberjack sized breakfast for us, predictable only in its goodness.

Just kicking back and watching movies today - it's three billion degrees here already. (Gulf Coast FL) Might take a dip in the pool and toss something on the grill. I'm anti-restaurants on Mother's Day because...

You usually have to wait forever - even if you have a reservation.

Limited menu - you go to a place for the Herb Crusted Salmon and it's not offered that day.

Disappointing service - not only is the staff harried, they rush you out.

Finally - I got served a piece of semi-frozen cheesecake on Mother's Day...1978 or so. This marked my family's last Mother's Day celebrated in a restaurant. Since then, my brother and I have always cooked for my mother and pampered her all day. It worked out to be much less stress.
Food is sex for the stomach.
Food is sex for the stomach.
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