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Pros: OMG, truffles!!!! Plus good tips for homemade chicken stock.

Cons: None other than too many recipes as noted, and is too many recipes really a con?

First off I must confess two things:  1) I feel somewhat guilty in this crazy economy where so many people are having difficulty maintaining employment and putting food on the table to even be talking about something that can cost thousands of dollars a pound... and 2) I have the Truffle Brothers on speed dial.  On the first confession, I will leave you with this food for thought: that before 2008, 16% of Chinese citizens struggled to pay for food and 9% of Americans, but in 2011 only 6% of Chinese and 19% of Americans struggled to pay for food.  On the second confession, well, I am completely addicted to the sensual, exotic, earthy, incredible smell and taste of...
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