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Reviews by: Joe George

Beautiful Bread


Pros: easy to follow recipes that yield excellent results

Cons: recipes may be daunting for novice, no completely whole wheat loaves

  Let me begin by saying that the 2nd edition of Bread, A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes, is both well-written and a wealth of bread baking knowledge. This is far more than a recipe book; it teaches and explains in great detail how to bake loaf after loaf of wonderful bread. At nearly 500 pages the recipes do not actually begin until a fifth of the way into the book. The first 90 pages or so are chock full of interesting and useful information—everything from the autolyse method (with it's history and how and why to use it), to understanding ingredients, and how and why one should fold their dough. These first few chapters should be required reading for both the aspiring...
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A Work of Art


Pros: excellent performance

Cons: pricey, blade too narrow at times

  Reviewed by Chef Joe George     Something you'll notice right away about this knife is it's appearance: It is, quite literally, a work of art. Sleek curves, colorful, polished, and ergonomic design; razor sharp and fast slicing; if this knife were a car it would likely be a late 1970's Corvette Stingray. And when you hold it in your hand you'll notice a couple things, too. One is that it is really comfortable. The long curved handle is not only lovely to look at, but it's ergonomic design makes it nice to hold as well. But the thing that struck me the first time I held it was its weight, or more specifically, its lightness. For someone such as myself, who is...
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