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Bean there, Ground that!


Pros: Nice grind, lighting, easy to adjust settings

Cons: Noise, Static, durability

    I purchased my first Smart grinder nine months ago. I was thrilled with it and thought I had found the perfect grinder for a French press grind that would change settings quick and easy. I was able to set the grinder to 8 cups and toss a precise charge (+/- 1 gram). This was worked well daily for 9 months until the machine started to produce a lot of static and began tossing a charge that was off by up to 20 grams. Luckily I had bought the unit at a local store that swapped it out for a new unit. Unfortunately the second copy is not nearly as accurate as the first and it produces more static. The Hopper holds 13 ounces of beans and has a nice tight fitting...
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Blast from the Past


Pros: Well balanced

Cons: Hard to sharpen properly for many, Price point, blade geometry

 I had a few Globals in my box for a number of years. They are not better than Wusthof or other German knives and in some cases not as good. The Global has a VERY thick spine and is not made from steel that is all that much better than German knives. The net result is that you just don't get the great results that many other J-knives offer. IE razor thin and super sharp. Global seems to still get a bit of attention from those who read Kitchen Confidential which was first published ten years ago. A lot has changed in that time frame. Global was one of the very first J-knives readily available in North America and the latest greatest thing 10-12 years ago. Things change. There seem to be...
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