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Spices - Never leave home without them


Pros: Beautifully descript, tons of recipes, snippets of cultural background

Cons: 660 recipes have to start to overlap at some point and they do

I most likely never would have come across this book, but my brother knowing that I enjoyed Indian food one Christmas decided to give me this as a gift. It was one of the best gifts I have ever been given. It changed my life in a way that has been ever present, not just in food but in culture. In the way I think about the world.   I had no idea the depth of which India and the cultures that exist there are involved in food. The book adequately addresses vegetarian meals but moves into the Muslim existence with goat and beef dishes, some of which I have cooked and was then told I should open a restaurant. Who uses malt vinegar in beef stew? Well this book covers dishes like that and...
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KitchenAid Hand Blender w/ Accessories


Pros: Utility, Power, Cost

Cons: Cleaning

I had an immersion blender that was purchased from a department store for a couple years until one day I attempted to use it in a hot soup I was making. Everything seemed to work until I pulled it out, and realized that the blender had completed melted around the blade.   I went in search of an immersion blender that was more along the lines of stainless steel, since I firmly believe that stainless in most cases will last a lifetime. Of the available models I selected the kitchenaid, because it had the stainless immersion tip, but also came with both a mini food processor and a beater attachment.   I've used all three attachments a number of times and I am particularly fond of...
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