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KitchenAid Hand Blender w/ Accessories


Pros: Utility, Power, Cost

Cons: Cleaning

I had an immersion blender that was purchased from a department store for a couple years until one day I attempted to use it in a hot soup I was making. Everything seemed to work until I pulled it out, and realized that the blender had completed melted around the blade.   I went in search of an immersion blender that was more along the lines of stainless steel, since I firmly believe that stainless in most cases will last a lifetime. Of the available models I selected the kitchenaid, because it had the stainless immersion tip, but also came with both a mini food processor and a beater attachment.   I've used all three attachments a number of times and I am particularly fond of...
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ChefTalk.com › eastshores › Reviews by eastshores